Refunds & Returns

Not satisfied with your purchase at Loaded Sticks? We want to help.

Before the refund process can begin, we request that you contact us to get your issue resolved, as most of the time your issue is something we can solve.



All of our devices can be returned within the first 14 days of purchase. To be eligible for a return, you must follow the critera: 

  • It is the same device we sold you. We will verify this with the custom sticker containing our logo on the front of the packaging. If you send us a device we do not recognize, please don’t expect it returned.
  • The device isn’t damaged in any way.
  • All original accessories are intact and inlcuded (plastic sleeves, batteries, remote, etc.).


You will be responsible for:

  • Shipping charges 
  • 10% restocking & repackaging fee

Initiate A Return

To begin the return process, contact us using our contact form email us at